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Here are useful information in english for our english-speaking clients

Since May 2013, Shoette sells abroad. Delivery fees are 8,00€ regardless the quantity up to 20 pairs and the country of delivery. We deliver the whole world, through La Post, the French national post office. Yes, that includes your home. Please contact for any information you may need.


Shoette is sold in places where women may need it : night clubs, reception halls, business centers, gaz stations, airport, train stations, museums, etc.
Shoette is sold in places where there are lots of women : spa, hair salon, nail bars, etc. Every place where you may find a beautiful woman waiting to receive a beauty treatment, with a fashion magazine on her knees.
Shoette is a fun useful kind off new kind of smart product, therefore you’ll find it in concept stores, gift shops, all the places (offline & online) where the is a relevant product selection for a gift for someone else or for you.
Soon, Shoette will be available in your store for your customers.
To learn more about how to become a Shoette Distributor, please contact Deborah 

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